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The client(henceforth referred to as “Mark”).Mark is an avid meditator and lives with his family in Portland, Oregon, USA. He volunteers and teaches meditation at OutsideIn, an organization which helps homeless youth and marginalized people. Mark had been writing a book on meditation titled “Blossom - The art of looking inward”. He wanted to publish the book and wanted a companion app that assisted the users to master the art of meditation.


The book combines theoretical concepts and extensive practical activities. The goal of the book was to Restore Calm & Peace and achieve meditation mastery in a 21 day meditation practice.

While Week 1 is easy to follow, Mark needed something to assist the users in completing all 21 days. As the book progressed into week 2 & 3, the practical requirement became more challenging to follow. There was a need to guide the readers, so that they could continue to make progress beyond the first week.

The users needed a guide.

Hand Drawn Sketches

Based on the features requested by Mark and market research, I was able to come up with a layout that incorporated all requested features after multiple iterations.

Hand Drawn Sketches


Initial Wireframe Digitized

Initial Prototype

Mockup Feedback

Feedback for the initial mockup was very positive. Mark was excited to move the project forward & see the results, after I applied UX treatments.

We deployed a feedback collection tool Nolt. This tool allowed us to collect feedback from Beta Testers periodically. We then worked out a schedule to automate the feedback reporting. One of the best decisions.

Market Research

Performing an audit/review of competing websites and apps is a great way to summarize the competitive landscape. It brings us clarity in differentiating the product’s unique selling point(USP). It also allows us to perform “Heuristic Review” where we document usability flaws and other areas for improvement.

The following apps were considered for competitive research

Market Research references

Information Architecture




Vector Art

I created a few badges that would serve as a reward upon completing a week. This was to be used to add gamification to promote user retention.

Pencil Drawing

Vector Conversion

Visual Design

User Authentication

User Login and Registration

Music Screen

Discover More and Journal Screen

User Profile Screen

Journal Review Screen

Commitments & Habit Builder Page

Buy Book Screen

Donate Screen

Rewards Screen

Commitment Checkin

Beta Launch

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5




App Store

Google Play Store


Book(Pending ISBN)