Why me?

I design simple, intuitive & effective digital experiences based on business objectives and needs of the user.

Ammogh in Bangalore, IN.

During an internship , I explored the role of data visualization in health. This unique opportunity helped me understand the perspective of patient - doctor/user - service relationship. It taught me that empathizing with the users, and can make technology more approachable and useable.

That's when I discovered my passion for simplifying complex problems that can help users change their existing life situation into a preferred one by design.

An excellent communicator who works collaboratively with cross functional teams to deliver highest quality work. I am a self starter who iteratively tests his solutions to deliver the most delightful experience to the users. I enjoy owning complex design problems that have huge impact on the users & strive to be an advocate for the users, within organizations.

Fundamentally risk-averse mindset and an attitude ; "I'll figure it out & get it done".

Areas I'm currently researching on:

🎛️ First Time User Experience(FTUE)
🌈 User Engagement & Retention
🌐 Research based Gamification Models
🧰 Feature Adoption & Education