Designing Player On-Boarding Experience

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Discovering and mastering a game is a learning experience for the user. It requires mental efforts. It’s important to understand how the brain learns.

User Types:

Tutorial Methods:

Learning Methods

Common learning methods

Visual learners are those who learn by seeing information. These are the people who would rather read instructions in a book or see charts and tables about the subject than listen to someone talk about it. They tend to say things like “I see your point.”

Aural learners are those who learn by hearing information. They would rather listen to a lecture than read the information in a text book. They often say things like “That sounds right.”

Kinetic learners are those who want to be in motion while they are learning. They would rather be up and moving around in front of the whiteboard than sitting at a desk. They might say things like “That doesn’t feel right.”

Exploitative Acquisition

Exploitative acquisition people are those learners who learn by taking risks. They are the ones who push every button, and flip every lever. They want to find the risks and experience them.

Modeling Acquisition

Modeling acquisition players, on the other hand, want to know how something works before they try it. They need to know and understand the risks and ramifications before making the attempt. He wants to figure out how it works before he tries to play it.

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