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On going reviews During a performance review its important for HR to understand how the org progress is when it comes to performance reviews. Too much time and the org loses time+money hence the screen showcases the progress for the various types of reviews. The design also allowed for managers to nudge the candidates, subordinates to complete the reviews.
Review Analytics Performance Management Analytics - In order to let HR understand the score of the org a heatmap table was created. It could show at a glance scores of the org and enabled various dimensions comparison. Further to enable users to find out who made up each cell in the heatmap, it was made interactive such that clicking on a cell show the list of employees that were represented in the cell.
Write Reviews The input for the performance reviews is during the review session(s) where the manager, HR and peers all are involved in writing reviews. For managers its important to be able to view what the peer reviews and their reviews over time have been. The above screens showcases were all the various reviews were brought together and enabled a bias free review workflow.
Persona Maps Post performance reviews its important for HRs to be able to analyze the composition of the org. This persona map allows HRs to see how a certain department is composed of. THe various boxes(quadrants) visually represent where a person lies. Its effective in making decisions so that attention can be given to the right candidates.
Single Axis Its essential for performance reviews to be continuous aka snapshot surveys where 4 questions are asked to the manager periodically and they enable to draw the chart shown above. This was a breakthrough interaction design where we apply on question on an axis and dynamically show a grid that contains employees as per the axis. Above is showcasing a single axis question selection.
Multi Axis More that one question can be used to create the necessary cohorts. Above screen showcases multi axis question selection.

Mini DS Consistency is essential for any product to have great user experience. I created this mini design system with my peer designer that had the basic building blocks for a clean and effective UI.

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